The Journal of Charlotte

the counselling tart

Charlotte Pollaine
19 May

Name: Charlotte Salome Pollaine
House: Slytherin
Year: Seventh
Blood: Pure

Appearance: Tall, average figure, pale skin (but ask her about her Tanning Charm!), black hair, hazel eyes. Usually wears shockingly low tops and short skirts. Is fond of fishnets and heels and "artful" (i.e. tasteless) rips.

Personality: Extremely annoying! Charlotte wants to be a counseller but her enthusiasm has caused problems in the past. She thinks that everyone needs her help, and makes up problems for people without realising it. However, she honestly does want to help people. She's just incredibly tactless - thinking Stacey was anorexic, she told everyone in Ravenclaw so that they could look out for her. Obviously, Stacey was not anorexic and did not appreciate the rumours that abounded after Charlotte said she was.

Charlotte is a bit lot of a tart. She was the only female to appreciate Zack Usher's advances, to the disgust of most people. She's not fussy, either.

She can't take no for an answer, and thinks that her opinion is always right. She believes anything is possible, and doesn't give up easily.

History: Charlotte's home life is not the happiest: her mother is a stuck-up, wealthy pureblood who supports Voldemort (although she's not a Death Eater). She expects Charlotte to get married once she leaves school, and has no idea of her daughter's ambitions to become a counsellor (nor her promiscuity!). Charlotte's father is dead - her mother is remarried but Charlotte and her step-father doen't get on.

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